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Lesy of Florence has been producing and distributing an exclusive line of children’s clothing since 1964, following its own concept of creativity and craftsmanship.
The collections, skillfully designed by Lisetta Cosi, the owner of the company, and aimed at children and teenagers up to 16 years of age, make use of precious materials that have been cleverly reworked to give them a distinctly contemporary spin.

The company is celebrating its 45th year of business and all the successes that have made Lesy a well-known label throughout the world. An important milestone that has only been reached through the commitment, consistency and tenacity of Lisetta, who together with her children Ilaria and Massimo, create a quality product that can meet the standards of an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

Lesy’s designs are inspired simply by a very sophisticated, esthetic concept of fashion whose strength lies in knowing how to combine classic and modern elements in a harmonious confection of glamour. This is a fashion that appeals not only to children and teenagers but also to mothers who are looking for quality and refinement in a product that is always stylish.
Every season brings new collections with a never-ending procession of novelties and irresistible details that further enhance the elegance and refinement of the designs.

The clothes are personalized with matching accessories made from precious materials used in the most up-to-date colors of the moment. These are the basic elements of Lesy, which has achieved considerable acclaim in the world of children’s clothing during the last forty years.

The product is sold not only in Italy but also overseas, and the strategy of the brand is to carefully select sales outlets that ensure balanced distribution and exclusivity. In Italy, Lesy is sold through several exclusive boutiques and department stores in select cities, such as La Cicogna in Rome, Gusella in Milan, and Fratelli Martone in Naples.

Lesy has been selling its clothing for more than thirty years through the Harrod’s department store in London, as well as Harvey Nichols, Bosco Dei Ciliegi in Moscow, Bloomindales in Dubai,as well as Moments Group in Kuwait. The plan for expansion has already reached Japan, the United States and Russia, and the next frontiers to conquer will be Asia.

Lesy also participates in every edition of Pitti Immagine Bimbo, setting up its own elegant stand where they welcome buyers from all over the world, and where they can appreciate the enchanting collections of a brand that is strictly Made in Italy