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Colmar Originals

In 1923 Mario Colombo established in Monza (Italy) the Manifattura Mario Colombo company, a leading producer of felt. Back in those days the town of Monza and the entire Brianza area directly north of Milan formed a strategic center in the making of felt hats. Then in the 1930s Manifattura Mario Colombo underwent a first major industrial conversion, switching to workwear.

When the second world war came to a close, the demand for workman’s overalls and similar apparel diminished. So, grasping the need to change again, the founder’s sons Angelo and Giancarlo Colombo made the intuitive decision to enter the activewear sector.

Colmar, acronym for Colombo Mario, is the name the company chose for what became a winning product. In 1952 Manifattura Mario Colombo & C. set the bases for rendering Colmar an iconic brand on the world ski scene.

The in-house styling division designed an aerodynamic skisuit for Zeno Colò and in the same the great Italian downhill skier won the World Championships in Oslo. From that point on, Colmar began dressing Italy’s national teams in various winter disciplines: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, bob sledding, ski jumping, luge.

Colmar also began cooperating closely with the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI), with both athletes and ski instructors, promptly earning a reputation as first-class manufacturer of ultratechnical high-performance skiwear.

Offering all the latest innovations in the sector, the Colmar product is currently world leader on the skiwear market. It is distributed throughout Europe and around the globe. A major sponsor of the Alpine Ski World Cup, Colmar hit the mark again this year by becoming the official supplier of the winning Croatian and British national teams.

The Colmar product keeps evolving, moving forward in perfect step with the latest advances in the sector. And so the brand confirms its leadership on the skiwear front while also gaining more and more influence in two relatively new spheres of action.

Each with a distinct identity, they are: Colmar Originals, a line of fashion sportswear playing up the company heritage; and Colmar Golf, a range of golf clothes and casuals making the most of its famous technological research and know-how.


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