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Gallucci is an established brand of children's Made in Italy footwear. Its products are made exclusively in Monte Urano in the Marche Region and stand out for their style and quality. Gallucci brothers, Mario and Giuseppe, began in the 50s to learn the craft of shoemakers in the
artisan laboratories of their territory.

First they specialized in the production of orthopedic shoes for children and later, at the end of the  60s, they decided to innovate the production, combining their experience in the production of healthy and comfortable shoes with the most international influence. They mixed Paris fashion trends with the production techniques of English tradition.

Today the second generation of Gallucci family faces the market with an innovative vision, maintaining the know-how acquired over the years by their parents. The choice of high quality materials, refined style and strictly Made in Italy production guarantee the quality of the product.

The first choice materials and the special processing techniques such as Goodyear, "Ballerinas", "Ideal" and Tubular moccasin guarantee the correct position of the foot and therefore the proper posture to support the growth of the child. Attention to comfort combined with a unique and sophisticated style have helped develop the brand in the most important international markets. Le

The Marche Region and in particular the province of Fermo is one of the most important Italian footwear districts, known worldwide for its tradition and craftsmanship.


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