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Hayden Girls is for the young, free, creative girl who has a unique and fun approach to fashion. Based in Los Angeles and originally expanding from the success of its contemporary sister brand, Hayden Los Angeles, Hayden Girls was founded in 2016 to present the Hayden LA customer with a broader range of tween sizes.

We design and craft relaxed, versatile daywear to signature textiles that fit every young lifestyle. Our modern color palettes and trendy designs inspire girls to have fun with fashion and dress to their imagination while still focusing on versatility and comfort.

Known for her confident charisma and modern take on style, the Hayden girl can be anyone from anywhere who is looking for the everyday closet staple as well as the eye-catching statement piece.

With a style fit for every personality and occasion, from the eccentric girl who is on her way to school all the way to the modest girl attending a formal affair, the Hayden Girl lifestyle appeals to all our customers and their needs.

Our customers are from all over the world. With an approach to providing immediate goods for our customers, we provide both the latest and essential trends that customers can get now. Hayden Girls embraces being able to provide the latest trends for our retailers so that they can successfully offer them to their customers. We see our relationship with our retailers as a mutually beneficial partnership.


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