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Filatura Papi Fabio was founded in 1890. A tradition of five generations of spinners in the Papi family uninterruptedly leading their own factory producing high quality woollen yarns, now become a milestone for industrial knitwear, weaving and hosiery.

Some years ago the company started producing precious worsted yarns, that fit very well in the policy of high level yarns which is the landmark of Papi Fabio. The mill is located on the hills above Bologna, and has a production of 1.5 million kgs yarn per year, starting from count Nm 1/15 to Nm 2/45, latest goal in the production of the thinnest possible woolen yarns.

Filatura Papi Fabio finds its points of strength in the research and innovation of products and product installations. A team of technicians and designers is continuously studying to anticipate competition and follow customers’ requests.

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