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Our company has been working in this sector since 1989, and throughout our history, all our products have always been made exclusively in Italy. We have consciously chosen to preserve the artisanal character of our work and to rely on domestic manufacturing without outsourcing the production. For this reason, our standard has never decreased in quality. The knitted garments we produce for other brands have maintained the distinguishing features that made Italian manufacture synonymous with elegance.

Thanks to its creation and production departments, Ventanni Srl can ensure at the same time the maximum availability to design original models and create customized items. Ventanni srl pursues such ideals as uniqueness, elegance and wearability so as to create fashion items that wear both comfortably and beautifully on the eye.

Thanks to our higly-qualified staff and our selection of modern knitting machines, Ventanni Srl succeed in obtaining the complete production of market-ready garments within short period of time. The quality of the material, precision of finishing and garment’s beauty are those elements, which have always contributed to the successful growth of our company.

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