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We are Japanese Silk Supplier. Main products are listed as below, for example: Mulberry spun silk 100% 2/120Nm-Bon120-Total 140 Solid Colors All Stock; Mulberry spun silk 100% 2/120Nm-Zen-Total 70 Melange Colors All Stock; Mulberry silk noil 100% 1/17Nm-Ginga-Total 100 Melange Colors All Stock; Tussah silk filament 100% -2/260Nm-Tussah 352 Total 40 Solid Colors All Stock; Gima 8.5-1/8.5Nm-Cotton 100% Gima tape yarn-Total 68 colors all Stock.

Other than these classical long-run regular items, we will introduce new item like: Seika 1/40Nm It is fascinating combination of super fine Silk Filament and super fine 24. 5Micron Kid Mohair; Beni Spiral 1/0.3Nm This innovative yarn is generated by unique collaboration of traditional Japanese braiding machine and beautiful tussah filament cord yarn; Mellow 1/1.5Nm Special twisting technique-Shaggy will make the hand-feel of Baby Alpaca so soft and delicate. All item will have related color cards.

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