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Accademia by Industria Italiana Filati
Over a century of dedication and passion spent in the italian textile Industry. In 1897 Guido Lucchesi produced  and exported fabrics in three continents.
The following generations kept the textiles tradition alive. In 1962 intuition and research led towards knitting yarn as a new frontier thus Industria Italiana Filati Spa was established.
It produces for the most famous Italian and international brands and groups.

In 1997 the Lucchesi family celebrated their first centenary and the prosecution of the firm. Today, with its two brands, Industria e Accademia , the Company produces always innovative yarns with precious blends and fancy effects for middle and high-quality knitwear. 
Knitting industrial yarn is produced in Italy, in the district of Prato.

Accademia line aims at an accurate research of materials and a continued research into new productive technologies. All its yarns are characterized by noble fibers and different elements, from fettucce and cordonetti that recall “handmade” knits, to the goal of the infinitesimal finenesses, and they all have in common lightness and elegance.

Transparent effects, showers of sequins that fall almost casually, create refined sparkles of light. Thin yarns, metal-like gauzes, micro-patterns, innovative prints and colours effects give life to the surfaces reinventing new concepts of fashion and interpreting the most modern knitwear style.

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