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Loro Piana operates in the luxury goods industry with the mission of providing uncompromised quality. For six generations, the company has been supplying the finest cashmere and wool fabrics to the most sophisticated and demanding clients. In doing so, Loro Piana has become the largest cashmere manufacturer and the biggest single purchaser of the world’s finest wools.

For the last twenty years, by pursuing the same tradition of excellence, Loro Piana has been catering to the lifestyles of the same consumers with exclusive lines for men, women and children, along with home furnishing, accessories, and gifts. Manufactured in the company's own facilities, these distinctive products are distributed through a worldwide network of directly operated stores and specialty retailers.

Originally from Trivero, the Loro Pianas started as merchants of wool fabrics at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  With the industrialization process on its way in the last quarter of the century, together with some partners from Biella, the company moved its activity to Valsesia.

The current company was formed on April 24, 1924 as a result of the efforts of Pietro Loro Piana, a strong believer in both technological and product innovation. It was at that time that Pietro single handedly started a new venture that would be more forward thinking.

This is how Ing. Loro Piana & C. was started in Corso Rolandi, now the corporate headquarters of the company. Franco, Pietro Loro Piana's nephew, followed in managing the company in 1941 and succeeded in accomplishing a leadership position in manufacturing both men’s and ladies fabrics for the growing fashion industry during the post-war period.

During this time the company took advantage of the opening of new markets and provided fabrics made with fine wools and precious fibers such as cashmere, throughout Europe the United States and Japan.

During the seventies Franco Loro Piana's sons, Sergio and Pier Luigi, jointly took over their father’s responsibilities as CEO’s of the company. They currently alternate the chairmanship every three years. Currently, and until 2013, the Chairman is Sergio Loro Piana.

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