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Maglificio Pisani

For over 40 years the decisive factor of our success is to be not just a supplier but also partner with each of our clients. The willingness to listen to our customers’ needs, combined with continuous innovation research in raw materials, production processes and quality control systems have turned a small lab into a solid production structure.

At present Maglificio Pisani can support the production of about 60,000 garments per year. Maglificio Pisani can follow the entire supply chain for the production of knitted garments by placing a weaving department, packaging, fulling and ironing in order to produce samples and serial productions.

Specialized in the manufacture of cashmere and fine yarns, we also process lighter yarn such as cotton, linen and silk. "Through the years the company strategy has always been to make knitwear garments ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality".

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