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Pashma's vision is to showcase Modern India to the world through our designs, our adaptation of our rich heritage and incorporating textile traditions at every step of creation. From the opulence of the Maharajas to the iconoclasm of contemporary street art from the by lanes of Bandra, we wish to celebrate the beautiful contradiction that encapsulate India.

We represent the spirit, aspirations, passion and dynamism of contemporary India. Our future is not determined by traditions and conventions rather we chart our own course on the path of modernity amidst the beautiful backdrop of our culture. We believe in indulging in the individuality of our patrons and provide the exquisite pleasures of precious materials and timeless craftsmanship.

Having trained as a teacher for differently-abled children, Shilu Kumar never imagined herself as a fashion designer. Her innate passion and penchant for crafts, culture and style drove her to create Pashma, a brand of luxury scarves integrating finest traditions of textile art forms with contemporary appeal. Fashion Entrepreneur Shilu Kumar was a design and production consultant to global fashion retailers such as Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Ralph Lauren.

She was enthralled by the textile crafts and creativity India had to offer, yet she wondered why Made in India was synonymous with being only ethnic. Pashma was created to disrupt this paradigm, to revive traditional textile art-forms and showcase Modern India to the world. In 1999, she embarked on an ambitious and arduous journey to create the first global fashion brand that was designed and manufactured in India.

Launched as a line of scarves and shawls in 1999, Pashma was showcased at the Milano Vende Moda- a prestigious trade show where it evoked an instant “bellissima” among fashionistas for its refreshing take on luxury fashion. Each piece embodied the finest craftsmanship and was curated with contemporary tastes.

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