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Pimafil Stock Service: a highly exclusive service designed to satisfy the demand equirements, for production, returns and sampling, of Peruvian Pima cotton, Supima cotton, Pima Mélange and Silk: a wide range of yarns for knitting available in all commonly used gauges (from 5 to 18), in 150 colours solid and mélanges, in any amounts required, starting from 1kg. A guaranteed immediate delivery and thoroughly "Made in Italy".

Product reflecting service, Service mirroring Product. Stock Service to IAFIL is all about saving the client’s time, an invaluable resource in today’s world! Our Warehouse is modern and practical, it can follow each request with the utmost efficiency and competitiveness. It is a service capable of offering reorders, sampling and production in a tailored time frame for each and every client.

Peruvian Pima cotton, Supima, and Pima melange that give space to creativity and production: 80 colours are carefully selected and even another 70 shades of mélange.

Seta 120 available in 54 brilliant  shades: we also add silk, the most precious, in 54 fashion shades, solid or melange. For a customer care much more exclusive.

Sea cashmere: a precious yarn; a yarn that combines the refinement of Peruvian Pima Cotton with the softness of cashmere, thin and light.

Pimafil Stock Service: We pride ourselves on the attention we pay to people and the environment. All dyes used by Iafil contain no harmful or hazardess substances maintaining the same production values and performance required by the Industrial market.

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