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These are the two values that have always marked his life. "Always give your best whilst remaining true to yourself through a careful internal discipline". Words that sum up a personality that profoundly influences his work and creations. Thus has arisen the collection Barbed, the result of a rigorous selection of materials and details that distinguish their product.

Barbed is a synonym of quality and simplicity. In order to obtain the best possible results we combined the handcrafted knowledge with the most sophisticated technology, the historical research with the originality of design.

Barbed is not only a brand: it is a philosophy of life, a passion for vintage clothing and a quest for excellence within simplicity. Thanks to all this, every single detail of Barbed products achieves the highest quality standards. "To observe, choose and adapt”.

Thousands of models from the past are etched indelibly on our mind and have become a source of inspiration. For this reason, the style of the creations is a mixture of "beauty and class, fashion and diversity". Items drawing inspiration from classic models that have shaped the history of clothing.


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