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A new chapter is beginning in the history of Capalbio, but it’s not losing touch with its roots. It’s a tradition that stems from the Maremma in Tuscany: a land of contrasts, hardy folk, forgotten crafts and farming life. Thanks to the craftsmanship and courage of Ugo Valentini, the Maremma’s bandits and cowboys are reborn in a unique and timeless style.

Over the years, this jacket, the 501, whose fit and fabric combine appeal and practicality, has become a must-have. It’s a jacket that speaks of bandits and cowboys, who used the unusual back pocket – the tagana – to carry objects so they could always keep their hands free. In the early 1990s, the Maremman or hunting jacket was defined part of the mindset of these lands.

And then Ugo Valentini christened it with its new name: 501. From that day on, the Capalbio style was born. Immediately recognizable, it was the product of the centuries-old lifestyle of those who lived in these parts, which required warm, comfortable and practical clothing.The stylist’s daring did the rest: from a simple, practical jacket for exploring the scrub, to the 501 style icon.

Not just because of its unique fit and handy back pocket. Reminiscent of those hardy folk and their corduroy Sunday best, the fabrics strive to make it a timeless garment even in modern times. “In the Maremma time doesn’t just pass you by, it’s a genuine experience,” states Gaddo Della Gherardesca and that’s why Capalbio 501 isn’t just a jacket, but a way of life.


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