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Ernesto (Earnest), the name of a person, apparently banal, the character of a famous play by Oscar Wilde, who has a split personality: “All right, my name is Earnest in town and Jack in the countryside.” To us, a jacket, a shirt?!? Or better, a jacket-shirt to be worn like a pullover with the comfortable, reassuring, natural elegance of a jacket.

Ernest: A double soul, role playing, a style irony to be whatever you want to be “in town or in the countryside”; what is contemporary turns to Tradition, the impossible squaring of the circle, syncretism as a virtue. And so let’s open the archives and rediscover dry and textured English wools and those soft and cosy from Biella, and let’s give them a new life with the hand-crafting skills and the work ethic of a historic Italian company.

In these vague and confused times, which have lost the sense and soul of things, we feel the need for certainties, of solid stones on which to step, to start again looking for substance and quality, not only for appearances and quantity.

Ernest addresses a man with a strong personality and strong aesthetical sensitivity; able to distinguish what is temporary from what is permanent, who clearly knows the fundamentals of masculine style and knows how to render them with absolute contemporary irony and easiness.


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