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In The Box is an innovative and contemporary brand. Cosmopolitan, always up to date with all the last trends in fashion and style. The socks of Inthebox are perfect for every type of outfit. Done with the made in Italy quality, these socks are confortable, weel done in every single detail, they offer patterns characterized with ironic colours and original.

Created for every single occasion of your life, wear them in every moment of your day, to break everyday monotony and city greyness, or to stand out, providing a spine and style to your personality. A box, a pair of socks: Sox in the Box is an idea for your feet. You see, touch, choose the Sox in the Box that most describes you. One on the other, Sox in the Box is your desire to face the urban world with irony and vividness.

These socks offer the best comfort and wearability, thanks to the regular weave coming from a constant research of the best raw materials. Our socks are Our Made in Italy. The use of natural materials, the focus on quality, the patterns and the colours come from a unique way of producing things: our way. Our socks are unique and unrepeatable: we like to think that our socks are the detail that makes your outfit different.

Socks created and designed to communicate an ironic and dynamic life style where nothing is left to chance. The detail that makes the difference represents a creative vitality of a contemporary reality. Chromatic combinations and modern patterns want to represent a determined and cosmopolitan personality.


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